Ottawa is grateful!

This past weekend, Ottawa was struck by 3 tornadoes in different areas of our city! With winds up to 265km/hour, it had a devastating effect!

To half of the Ottawa population, it affected their electricity immediately. To the residents of the communities in Dunrobin, Calabogie and Nepean, it was far worse. There were injuries, loss of roofs, trees and loss of homes.

Electricity has been restored as of last night to the majority of Ottawa, and the sighs of relief and gratefulness are very apparent in our attitudes. It was bad, but it could have been so much worse. We are praying for those who are still in the hospital. We are thinking of those who are in the throes of finding somewhere to live short term, and those who dealing with all the details there must be in rebuilding.

The communities of Ottawa certainly embraced their neighbours during this time. Checking on senior citizens door to door, community meals in Barrhaven set up by local businesses. It has been humbling to see how people can and do react in a crisis. There are many heroes this week, starting with our first responders! Thank you.

On a practical side, many residents were not ready for a natural disaster. We do need to take stock of what our readiness was, and maybe right now, while it is fresh in our mind, set up our homes for the future (not that we ever want this to happen again). The grocery stores were not open, the gas stations ran out of gas….cell phone service to stay in touch with what was happening, was sporadic.

We are all grateful today, breathing a big sigh of relief, and yet, we are still in disbelief. For most families, all returns to normal, but there are a small percentage in the hard hit areas, where life will never be the same, and rebuilding starts this week.

In gratitude.