Some Important Nuances on the Current Market

Of course the spring market has been strong...holding back offers, multiple offers, sale prices are higher than the list price.  We listed and sold 2 properties for $97,000 over asking!  Thats not typical, but certainly it has been happening.

And I always get the question - how is the market?  And it REALLY does depend on who is asking that question!

The whole year, the story has been supply and demand.  No supply, high demand and you get results like the above.  Great for sellers.  Tough on buyers.

We have noticed some areas that the inventory is increasing.  Its the old phenomena of the media telling you that its a hot market, and now is a good time to sell!  I have been telling clients that for at least 10 months.  I still am...with Coles notes attached.  It depends where you are and what you have to sell.

The good news is for the buyers...there are choices now in many areas.  And in some areas, you actually may not compete.  Those areas are possibly heading towards a more traditional market.

So if you are in the selling phase - we have the stats analysed and can help you.  And things are changing weekly.  If you are buying, and have been on the fence, NOW is a good time to drop back in to the market with us.  You have an OPPORTUNITY again - now. 

We have 3 strategies for our buyers.  Interested?  You can win in this market with our 3 strategies!