Latest News about the Ottawa Market!

I have neglected you dear Blog!

The big news is the INVENTORY!  Or lack thereof!  The supply and demand is creating multiple offers and price increases at least for the short term!

What does that mean to you Mr. Seller?  Its a great time to call us about listing!  We have many buyers we are currently working with, and may be able to get you top dollar with low effort and no inconvenience!

For our Buyers, what it means to you, is you need to be working with a strong and proactive realtor team who has strategies and doesn't wait for the listings!  WE definitely have that covered if you are a serious, motivated 2018 buyer!  Call us and set up a time to talk about what we do differently for OUR buyers.


We are sending out a video with some tips and tricks and opportunities for the current state of the market!  If you would like to be on our list, please send us an email @