And that is a wrap!

Well my juice reboot is over....

I did the 5 day Joe Cross plan and said if it went well I would do an extra day 5 PM if I had to put any more juice in me, I was going to gag. I think it was a whole day of the pre-made juice bar juices (I prefer my own homemade ones)!

The whole week was fairly easy, except I didn't drink enough water and I do dislike coconut water, so that wasn't adhered to properly! Worst day was Day 5 PM. Wow. I retired early so I didn't cave! (Thanks for talking me down Diane Tuplin)

Here is what I learned about myself and the experience.

1. It is all about the preparation and the mindset. I was prepared up front but not prepared for the reentry.

2. It's all about the environment you are in and the support around you. Others can try and sabotage you whether they realize it or not. I wasn't prepared for the sabotage. So your environment is super important. (P.s. Microwave popcorn smells way too good when you are juicing)

3. I love food which is fine. I am a foodie. But I am also an emotional eater and love comfort food.

4. When I had two babies completely natural with no drugs, I had a steely mindset that allowed no pain and no needles. I need that kind of mindset for juicing and losing weight success.

I would do it again for 5 days maximum. What I need to be more prepared for is re entry to eating. Yesterday I ate a hot dog, a Haagen Dazs and a toasted tomato sandwich and I gained back. I felt the bad food going in like it was poison after all the healthy vegetables(especially the hot dog nitrates). It was not enjoyable.

In that small insight lies the secret, if you are usually doing good things, it's harder to eat the bad stuff. You feel like a hypocrite, a cheater. But I can tell I lost inches and I do feel healthier.

And I learned it is way harder to take it off than it is to put it on!