You won't believe what we are up to....

Our whole team has committed to a 7-day Juice Fast!

Michael has been reading and research the topic for quite sometime, and when he said he was going to do it, it just snowballed from there! So thank you Michael, I think lol...

We are on Day 1.

So far we haven't killed anyone. On the contrary, we had several good laughs in the office today. It really is wonderful to have our whole team pulling together in business AND in health. 

As Gerald said, when we are younger we can afford to have a lot of 'do overs' with diet, weight, and health. But as we get older, we don't get near as many! There is a saying "The first 50 years are a gift. The second 50 years, you have to earn.".

Today's Tip: Buy apples (and other produce for that matter) at the Parkdale Market. What a deal! In the picture below, we got a whole bushel (that is a lot of apples!) straight from the Grower for $30, versus $10 in apples from a fancy local grocery store.

Thank you for the messages of support that we have already received! It means a lot to us that you are cheering us on!

Click on the pictures below to enjoy the pics of our Day 1.