People truly put a smile on my face!

I am always so grateful for the people I meet in my career!  Its such a people business.  And there is no doubt we thrive and survive by the people we serve on a daily basis.  Our word is our bond, and our clients positive results mean everything to our team!

So when you open your email and hear how well the whole process went from beginning to end (not perfect, but close), and know that you now have a nickname of "The Beast" with one of the adult children, it brings a huge smile to my face!  That endearment is a compliment in my books! 

And if you need a "beast", someone who will work tirelessly for you - call us!

Our latest review:

"The Francis family has nothing but the very best to say about your professionalism, work ethic and dedication to your line of work.  It was indeed a whirlwind experience, all wrapped up from start to finish in just over 2 months!  We truly appreciated all your expert help and advice throughout the process, including all the folks you put us on to, such as Jesse and Bob. 

I told you before, if our neighbours had used you as their realtor, it would certainly not have taken them 3 years to sell their house, after a substantial reduction in asking price.

Our house sold in less than 3 weeks!!  Sadly, we have no more houses to give you to sell ... Lol

Thank you for making the process go so smoothly, it was indeed a pleasure working with you.  Laura sends her best regards.  And Philip says to tell you he's truly sorry he never got to meet "The Beast!"

Kathryn, Philip and Laura Francis"