We are so happy for Josee and Andre!


Where should we start? The easy answer is simply, thank you for everything that you have done for us! What is everything? Well, we would like to take the time to say thank you for helping us find our house and home.

Now that we have moved, unpacked, took our summer vacations and fully settled in, we can now focus on the people that have been there for us. Lorie, you are one of the people that was there for us. We were getting our pre- approved mortgage with CIBC and our Financial Services Rep, Catharin Lachance, when she asked us if we had a Realtor? We told her we did not, and that’s when she referred us to you and your team. We were renting at the time and we had just been given 2 months to vacate the property.  We needed a house ASAP but we also wanted to purchase our home were we would be happy in, not just a house.

When we met you for the first time, we spoke about what we were looking for and our time frame. You were understanding, professional and we knew that we had found the perfect person and team to help us. We were amazed by your self motivation to find us the home we had describe to you in our original meeting. Your patience and your attention to detail were very much appreciated and recognized.

Also, please thank Corey for all he did. We were pleased to see that you surround yourself with a team that lives up to your personal standards and are just as engaged and caring as you are.

 Again, thanks to you and your team for a great job.

 André, Josée, Léo & Julien