The snow has come early, but in Ottawa, the buyers don't care!

I was pondering the plight of some of our buyers today.  Pre-approved, money in hand, motivated and yet unable to find that one great property, they can call HOME!  

Part of the reason is the inventory levels this November compared to last year at the same time is 14% less.  That is significant.  Of course, this isn't in all categories, nor all price points, but it is nonetheless, significant.

So of course, thinking outside of the box, I started to think of all those sellers, like my clients and those of you who are reading my blog....why are you waiting until the "traditional" time of spring market to think about listing?  If inventory is low, and buyers are still active, and there is a supply and demand situation that weighs positively in your favor - I ask again, why spring?

As Warren Buffett says, if you do what everyone else is doing, you don't make money!  And as Lorie Ann Warren says, you really should call us, so we can look at your specific opportunity TODAY!  The need is great, so I have started a post, 7 Reasons Why you Should Consider Listing During the Holidays!  Feel free to follow along... - 613-270-9559