It all comes down to one

Our team has been involved in quite a few multiple offers lately on hot properties.  Thursday night was no exception.  

Corey and I were presenting our offer on a home in Nepean, which our buyers really had their heart set on.  We know from experience, that not being successful, can be devastating.  Our buyers were in that situation, and we knew the pressure was on!

We have some strong negotiation strategies in this situation, and we were successful. But what I loved most about the evening, was not the success (although I will admit I am a bit competitive) - it was Corey's response afterwards.  He said to me with the utmost sincerity; "the true reward is how happy they are to have their home tonight, I just couldn't be happier for them; the pay cheque is just a small bonus!"  

As the team leader, all I could think was, Corey gets it.  I love that everyone on our team, gets it. The client's success and happiness, is our success and happiness.  When we have the heart, when we put our people first, everything else just falls in to place.

We get it!  You are #1, not us.