#happysellers #happybuyers AGAIN! We LOVE it!

I wanted to send you both a quick note on the awesome service you provided me as my Real Estate agents. This thank you is not only for the sale of my home (in 3 days) but also for finding what I consider the house of my dreams.

I’m going to start by the house I purchased and how this came about. After meeting Corey at several open houses something clicked and I decided he was the agent I wanted to work with. His honesty, knowledge of the business, dedication, time he put in for me and never asking me to sign a contract that other agents wanted, I knew he was the agent for me. I looked at several houses on my own via open houses since May with no luck but it didn’t take long for Corey to find a house that when I walked in, I knew this was the one.

This is where the fun began … and when I met Lorie Warren. They walked me through this purchase like it was them buying this house. They guided me on what to do if I was really serious about buying this house that included what to offer, what I needed as conditions in the offer, booking the home inspection etc. When it came to the actual day the offers had to be sent to the listing agent (6 in all), their knowledge on how to proceed was invaluable. They made sure I was actually there so I could make quick decisions on the spot if needed (and it was needed) and a few other tricks that I was glad they were my agents. All this to say I’m now living in this house and I couldn’t be happier.

Next came the sale of my place, especially with no condition of my place being sold (I worked with a broker that Lorie provided and was pre-approved so I wasn’t worried). She brought in a home designer who specialises in staging homes for sale.  I have to say this person impressed me from the start. This person went through my house with a fine touch comb and made suggestions where to put what, what to put in storage, what to get rid of and all of this was written down so I could refer to it after she left. I followed her advice and did everything that was suggested. Lorie then set me up with a contractor to fix up a few little things that are nothing when you are living there, but when a potential buyer comes in, they see this as something they don’t have to do. Lorie also brought over staging material such as pictures, plants etc. All this to say, my home went up for sale on Wednesday and I had multiple offers that first Saturday. Well I sold my house on that Saturday for full asking price (3 days after listing) !!!! Wow how awesome is that.

In conclusion, you guessed it... If you are planning on selling or buying or both please call Lorie Warren and her team. I can say from experience they will go out of their way to help you with your real estate needs.

Thanks Lorie and Corey for the awesome service especially in a very stressful time.