#PerfectPatioOttawa Episode #7 - Bazille at Nordstrom's

The search for the #perfectpatioottawa, had us adding a bit of retail therapy at Nordstrom’s. It really was a perfect location, escaping the rain and/or humidity!


We chose to forgo the patio, although others used it that day.


Current weather score:

Rain 4, Not Rain 2 (No sun, but no rain), Sun 1


Bazille is located inside Nordstrom’s. If you have not been GO! As our summer starts to wind down, this by far, is the winner to date


Service. 5/5

If I could give this 6/5 I would. Franco our server was more like the a long lost friend than a server! He works 4 days a week, so when you go, ask if he is there and sit in his section! You will love him!

Food 5/5

The food: What is a blogger to do when there are no words? I shall try...

The food was spectacular, fabulous, stupendous!  A ‘from scratch', everything fresh kitchen extended to the amazing mixed berry lemonade! Franco made the lemonade from scratch, the bar muddled the berries. Amazing. Don't even ask about the crab mac and cheese! Swoon.

And the chocolate cake. LIFE CHANGING. BEST EVER. GO HAVE IT.

Ambiance/Location 5/5

Relaxed classy elegance are words that come to mind. Foodies, run here! Shoppers, stop here to fortify yourselves!  And if you find yourself a bit parched whilst shopping, ask a salesperson for water. They actually bring you iced water! Seriously if you appreciate next level service and quality, Nordstrom’s and Bazille are the perfect 5/5.

We got there just before noon and there was no problem getting a table. Fast forward half and hour and there was a long line! (See picture of my forehead lol, actually a pic of the line up!)

Check out hashtag #perfectpatioottawa to see where we eat next!

Overall impression was 5/5