#PerfectPatioOttawa Episode 4 - Flying Piggy

The search for the #perfectpatioottawa found us at the Flying Piggy this week. We are happy to say we did NOT get rained out today BUT the patio was closed because they thought it would rain. It did not lol! Bummer!  

Rain 3, Not Rain 1 (No sun, but also no rain)

The Flying Piggy is a Rustic Italian place tucked away in the Bank and Alta Vista area. A long-running establishment that has a loyal clientele, yet it was my (Cynthia) first visit.

Like last week, we sat next to an open window in an attempt to replicate the feel of a patio. Cute décor, comfy space.

Service. 5/5

Our server, Simon, was great Cannot fault a guy who replenishes the table with warm bread fresh from the oven!

Food 5/5

The food: Lorie tells me they make their pasta fresh!  The lunch pasta was amazing and the serving size generous! The cold soup starter was refreshing on a humid day. Dessert? awesome!

Ambiance/Location 4.5

This place would have scored a 5/5 if it had not been for two things. When I pulled my chair in, I am pretty sure my hand came in contact with gum or something gross on the underside of the chair. Not much the place can do about it as they probably do not know. But compounded with my paper napkin sticking to the table, well...I think the place could use a deep clean perhaps?

Overall impression was 4.5/5

Check out hashtag #perfectpatioottawa to see where we eat next week! And please, pray for SUN!