#PerfectPatioOttawa Episode #6 - Pure Kitchen

It must be a sign. 

We decide to go to a super healthy place for lunch and the SUN IS SHINING! 

Pure Kitchen has two locations in Ottawa. We went to the one on Richmond in Westboro.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out they had a roof top patio! Nicely done, Pure, nicely done. 

Current weather score:

Rain 4, Not Rain, But not sun 1, SUN!! 1

Service. 4.5/5

Our server was awesome! The only negative was the long wait to take our dessert order. So long in fact, we never did order. Ran out of time! They were super busy though, probably because it was a sunny Friday lunch hour! 

Food 4/5

The food: Hmmm....so much conflict here. Appies were amazing! A cauliflower dish and a dumpling dish. Both worth ordering!Main dishes: Burger: Michael said it was two thumbs up. Gerald (our guest) ordered a sandwich which was also good. Lorie ordered a salad that was so/so and my special of the day Beet Risotto with cashew cheese was underwhelming. The matcha latte with coconut milk was thick enough to chew. Not so refreshing. 

Ambiance/Location 5/5

It was a roof top patio on a sunny Friday!! What more do you need?!?! Great friendly vibe. We agreed we would go back, try different dishes AND dessert1

Check out hashtag #perfectpatioottawa to see where we eat next week! 

Overall impression was 4/5