#PerfectPatioOttawa - Episode 3 Fraser Cafe

The search for the #perfectpatioottawa moved indoors this week. We are 3 for 3 for rain on a Friday! We had a special Guest joining us on the wet Friday. Our dear referral partner from Halifax, Realtor Diane! In our attempt to spoil her our choice this week was Fraser Café on Springfield Rd., in New Edinburgh.

We sat close to an open window in an attempt to replicate the feel of a patio. The décor of this little place does a good job of bringing the outside in. Nice neighbourhood vibe.

Service. 5/5

Our server, Sebastian, was awesome. Attentive but not over bearing. Impeccable at reading what the table needed before we knew we needed it. Someone give this guy a raise!

Food 5/5

The food: Top shelf food. The quality of the smoked trout dish was simply the best. Burgers, spot on. Soup of the day, complex layering of flavour. Can we give this 6/5?

Ambiance/Location 4.9/5

A perfect lunch spot. But in the spirit of #PerfectPatioOttawa, we can only award 4.9/5 due to a lack of patio. This is totally Lories fault for choosing this place, but we will let it slide this time.

 Check out hashtag #perfectpatioottawa to see where we head to next week!

Overall impression was 4.9/5