#PerfectPatioOttawa Episode 5 - Joey Lansdowne

The search for the #perfectpatioottawa, along with good weather landed us at Joey Lansdowne on Friday. And yes, it did rain AGAIN!

We did start on the patio, which is awesome, but called it and moved inside before ordering.

Current weather score:

Rain 4, Not Rain 1 (No sun, but no rain)

Joey Lansdowne is located at 825 Exhibition Way. There is plenty of paid underground parking for lunch that set us back $6. 

Great décor and an interesting bathroom, but more on that later…

Service. 5/5Our servers were great Friendly, efficient and guessing what we needed before we needed it. No faults to be found here.

Food 5/5

The food: Oh dear lord in heaven, I have found a home. Every single dish we had was The Best. The only exception to that was Michaels protein burger. He said is was ‘okay’ but would not order it again. Having said that, it is my usual Go To lunch at Joey. So, to each their own lol. Also, Lorie loved the Niagara white wine. Message her for the name! Dining Tip: DO NOT SKIP DESSERT!

Ambiance/Location 5/5

I would score an extra half point here just for the bathroom sink. Auto sensor that turns the water on when your hand are underneath the faucet (nothing new there I know!),  and then an auto hand drying RIGHT ON THE FAUCET1 Genius

Check out hashtag #perfectpatioottawa to see where we eat next week! And please, pray for SUN!

Overall impression was 5/5