#PerfectPatioOttawa - Episode 2 Pub Italia

This past Friday our Patio of choice was Pub Italia on Preston. A busy little spot, but that bodes well, right?

We sat on the patio alongside Preston St, so it had lots of traffic (vehicle and pedestrian) but that added to the vibe.

We joke that our weekly #PerfectPatioOttawa series is really a weather report! Yes, it rained again. 2 for 2. Fortunately, the patio is undercover at Pub Italia, so we enjoyed lunch regardless of the downpours…along with everyone one else. The patio was packed!

Service. 5/5

Our server was awesome. Quick with recommendations (and everything she recommended was great!), and a super friendly personality.

Food 5/5

The food: Amazing. Everything. All of it. Amazing (see pictures). We LOVED the Tasty Little Bastards! Voodoo meatballs had me under a spell!  Don’t even ask about the red velvet cake….swoon worthy!

For the beer drinker in or group, 0ur server recommended a blonde beer with notes of cucumber and lemongrass. That was a hit!

Ambiance/Location 4.5  

The only thing that brings this down half a point is parking in the area is a bit of a pain. Michael circled for 10 minutes until he found a place, and we, by the grace of the patio gods, did not get a ticket for overstaying our 1 hr parking spot. That, and the cute plastic bottle they served the Tasty Little Bastards in was, well, plastic, and not very appealing, brought it down a to a 4.8/5 overall impression. With a summer of patio lunches ahead of us, the bar has been set. With a summer of patio lunches ahead of us, the bar has been set. Check out hashtag #perfectpatioottawa to see where we eat next week!

Overall impression was 4.8/5

We all agreed we will 100% return! Well done Patio Italia!