Look at those smiles!

June is always a month of many clients taking possession of their new homes.  It is a blast when we can feel how significant that home purchase is.  Joanna and Awse are one great example. Referred to us by a colleague of theirs, they had been searching for a home for 2 years with a different realtor.  Frustrated, we met, set up a new plan and listened really well to their needs and what was holding them back.  

I shall never forget our 1st venture out to see a couple of homes...Joanna said "Lorie, we have accomplished more with you in one day, than the last 2 years!"  :)

Needless to say, today is their KEY day.  Their dream of owning their first home has come true.  For us, we feel their excitement and are tickled pink to have been able to be a small part of making it happen!  Today, we are reminded of why we do what we do, and why we love it so much.  Our clients.  Their dreams fulfilled.

Congratulations to Joanna and Awse.  Wishing you many years of happiness in your first home.


I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards the Lorie Ann Team. After 3 years of being with another realtor who didn't seem to get it...My coworker kept pushing me to contact Lorie Ann and finally, I called her.

From our first meeting she was straight with me and walked us through the entire process of buying a home.  We are first time home buyers and were clueless:)  After 3 days of viewings with her and Michael, they understood what we wanted and said we found you some homes we think you will love!

To our surprise not even a month after meeting her she picked out a home and it was "the one!"  We saw it twice and were they ever patient with us! They listened to our needs and fulfilled their promise of finding us our dream home.

Today we closed and every single part of the process was made simple by the Lorie Ann Team. I am forever grateful to this team and their dedicated service to their clients! Thank you thank you thank you! I recommend this team to anyone and everyone! You will not regret it!